Australia’s most used Glassware cleanser.

For perfect results EVERY time, we recommend using Glassmaids environmentally friendly portion controlled low suds cleanser sachets with the Glassmaid washer/scrubber machine.

The unique powder formula will:

  • Remove lipstick/lip balms from glasses
  • Remove beer scum preventing flat beer & returned drinks
  • Remove juice pulps & films
  • This product is economical – just 1 sachet into 26L of water and can clean up to 26 trays of glasses
  • This product has superior wetting qualities, resulting in glasses rinsing free of film, glasses draining faster and will NOT spot.
  • Glasses need only one rinse when using this product
  • This product does not have an expiry date when stored in a cool dry place

Glassmaid Low Suds Glass Cleanser sachets are sold in packs of 50 and a minimum of 100. Contact Glassmaid today for a price to send these to your location.