We often get questions from our valued clients about our products. You are always welcome to reach out and contact us for support, however to make things easier for you, we have included some answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: When I place a glass on the brushes, the brushes struggle to turn?
A: Check the top and bottom bushes on the drive shaft. They may be worn. The bushes should be completely round on the inside. These parts are available to purchase should you need a replacement.


Q: There’s a burning smell coming from the motor when the machine is in use?
A: Turn off the machine, then unplug the machine from the power. Seek advice from a local licensed electrician or call Glassmaid to arrange for collection of your machine for servicing/repair. Glassmaid can also arrange to send parts to your local repair person.


Q: Does Glassmaid repair and service machines?
A: Yes. Glassmaid will arrange for your machine to be collected via a courier and returned to Glassmaid for service and repair at your cost.


Q: Can I purchase replacement parts & brushes?
A: Absolutely. Contact Glassmaid and let us know what you need and these will be shipped the next day.


Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
A: Glassmaid will dispatch your order on the next business day at the latest. In some cases, orders will be dispatched the same day if the order has been received by 11am. Orders can take from 1 business day up to 10 days depending on which state and Metro area you are located. Ask our representative for the best postage option to suit your needs.


Q: How do I pay for my order?
A: Glassmaid will dispatch your order immediately and email you an invoice.