Glassmaid is an Australian owned, family business based in Brisbane, providing a reliable and robust range of glassware cleaning solutions Australia wide for over 30 years. Supplying to a vast range of clients from bars, pubs, clubs, breweries, hotels, motels to casinos, restaurants, events, functions, catering and aged care facilities.

Using Glassmaids robust long- lasting portable upright electric glass scrubbing machine, together with the Glassmaid low suds cleanser in portion-controlled sachets, ensures correct usage and sanitation of glassware meeting industry regulatory standards & hygiene requirements.

Glassmaid is proudly Australian owned and operated and prides itself on excellent customer service and quality products, that are built to last and outperform.

Our Best Sellers Include
GlassMaid Keg Lifter

Commercial Washer/Scrubber

Australia’s most efficient robust upright portable electric glass cleaner, washer and scrubber machine. Best used in conjunction with our other top seller; Glassmaid Low Suds Cleanser Sachets.

GlassMaid Cleaner Sachets

Glass Cleanser Sachets

Australia’s most used Glassware cleanser. For perfect results EVERY time, we recommend using Glassmaids environmentally friendly portion-controlled low suds cleaner sachets with the Glassmaid washer/scrubber machine.