In the mid 1980’s, an opportunity was seen, by a local who came across a glass scrubbing machine and thought it would be something that would do well in the Australian market. A group of guys, from a transport company at the time, within the Ipswich area, put their heads together and formed a company called Glassmaid Pty Ltd. The business grew within Qld initially and after employing a sales rep to cover NSW and growing the business there, the business started to expand into WA.

After several trade shows in NSW, the Glassmaid machine soon became well known and proved to be very successful.

The company was taken over solely in 1996, by one of the founders, who continued to add to the business. Glassmaids Low Suds Cleanser sachets were developed in 1998 to accompany the machine. This product too, became very popular.

Glassmaid was exposed to another trade show in Victoria in early 2000’s. Glassmaid became known Australia wide.

Products continued to be added to the Glassmaid brand and in 2000, another opportunity was seen for a need for a keg lifter. A local Ipswich man was approached with an idea to create & eventually manufacture the Keg Master in early 2000’s.

Derek Robertson retired from his great successes with Glassmaid in 2018. Glassmaid continues to carry on Derek’s legacy, providing continuous improvements, quality products and customer satisfaction well into the future.