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After each day's operation, drain the sink/tub and leave the unit to air dry overnight.
Once a month, lift off the neoprene gasket protecting the gear housing. Half fill sink with fresh water, add 1/2 cup vinegar or other sterilizing agent and run Glassmaid for about 10 minutes. This ensures a clean, fresh trouble-free operation for years.
To prolong the life of the brushes, once a month remove them from the unit, wet and lay on a towel or bar runner. Salt the brushes heavily with plain salt and allow to dry overnight. Next morning, rinse with clean water and replace in unit.
Ensure even wear by periodically rotating the outside brushes of the unit.

Ensure 240V electrical outlet is earthed.
NEVER operate machine out of water.
Fill sink so water level is approximately 1/4" below the tops of the outside brushes.
Always use a Lo-suds detergent.
Cold water is adequate.
Place mugs or glasses over centre brush - Glassmaid will do the rest.

For perfect results every time, we recommend using our environmentally friendly Lo-Suds cleanser.
Completely neutral - gentle on hands.
Economical - just 13gms to 20 litres of water.
Superior wetting qualities mean glasses rinse free of film, drain faster and will not spot.
Glasses only need one rinse.
Can be used without Scrubber.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction.
Australian Made .25HP motor.
Acetal Gears, Tyner Brushes.
Height 440mm (18").
Base width 210mm (8").
Length 310MM (12.5").
Weight 12kgs (30lbs).
Power 240 volt.
3 Wire Cord.

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