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Glassmaid manufacture and distribute Australia's most widely used electric glass scrubber for use in hotels, clubs, canteens and restaurants.

New units (fitted with Safety ELCBs as standard) clean all glasses from ports to pints and are especially effective with flutes, goblets, highballs and handles - coffee cups of course.

Glassmaid cuts scrubbing time dramatically and is particularly user friendly. No gloves or aprons are required.

The Kegmaster, an innovative 'must have' item for hotels, bars and anywhere requiring the movement of kegs, will lift, relocate and double stack different sized kegs with ease. Requiring just a single operator, Kegmaster has the potential to instantly double your coldroom storage space, at the same time freeing up staff for other duties.

Units are operating in every state and territory of Australia with some export to New Zealand.
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